Experience and get familiar with Rapi:chip¢â at LABVOLUTION/Biotechnica 2017

The preconceptions that PCR users have about GENECHECKER¢â is that the new sample format, Rapi:chip¢â is something tricky to handle and it might be difficult to properly load PCR samples into it.  However, as spoken of by users of GENECHECKER¢â, Rapi:chip¢â actually is not such a tricky format once users get used to this and is rather being an compact and essential tool to achieve ultra-fast reactions using GENECHECKER¢â platform.

Genesystem is going to set up ¡°experience zone¡± within our booth at LABVOLUTION/Biotechnica 2017 so that visitors can experience and get familiar with Rapi:chip¢â.  A Souvenir will be given to the visitors who successfully load samples into Rapi:chip¢â and perfectly seal it for loading into GENECHECKER¢â.

This might be an interesting experience for you.  Please visit our booth and enjoy your stay with our team.