Test Your PCR Assay with GENECHECKER¢â at LABVOLUATION/Biotechnica 2017.

Upcoming trade show, LABVOLUTION/Biotechnica 2017 is a meaningful event for Genesystem as it is first time appearance of Genesystem in European market. Accordingly, Genesystem expects to meet with potential clients in Europe as well as rest of the world who are looking for a PCR platform having following features.

Fast Output (10 minutes for 30 cycles / 20 minutes for 40 cycles)

Apart from above features, it is essential for every potential users to confirm whether GENECHECKER¢â works properly with their assay or not. In this regard, Genesystem offers the opportunity for potential users to test their assay at the booth of Genesystem at LABVOLUTION/Biotechnica 2017. If you are interested in this offer, book your convenient time for test run as soon as possible (send your request to marketing@genesystem.co.kr). Then, bring your primers and templates to the booth of Genesystem for test run. You can get a result instantly within 20 minutes from the test run.