• PCR Detection,
    Faster and Easier
    than Ever

    GENECHECKER™ is symbolic product of Genesystem which was developed from the understanding of customers’ PCR challenges. Ultra-fast reaction is achieved using microfluidic chip based sample format and extremely fast ramping rate for thermal cycling. Compact design and DC power driven operation enable point-of-care-test much simple and easier. Explore the world of molecular diagnostics with enhanced features of GENECHECKER™. Ultra-fast thermal cycler (Model UF-100) and real-time PCR instrument (Model UF-150) with options of master mix and PCR chips (Rapi:chip™) are available.
  • Our instrumentation know-how
    makes your idea turns into reality.

    Genesystem is offering professional engineering service tailored to the needs of
    customers in the field of biotechnology using its technical know-how accumulated from
    successful engineering projects with major clients in the market.


    • Genesystem is specialized in the development of variety of bio-instruments using the technology of precise temperature control and microfluidic engineering for biochemical reactions. State-of-the-art hardware technology fused with design expertise is optimized for realizing reliable instrument performance in rapidly changing high-end market.


    • Unique and proven technology for fabrication of 3-dimensional micro channels within variety of polymer materials is the key for successful development and commercialization of biochip devices. Genesystem’s know-how for designing and fabrication of biochip helps clients realize their biological objectives within a chip without trials and errors.

    Hi-speed PCR System

    • GENECHECKER™ series of ultra-fast PCR instruments are main products of Genesystem which huge development efforts along with key technical know-how are deeply instilled into. Outstanding performance and its exceptionally competitive pricing proves how Genesystem ideally commercializes innovative products. Genesystem offers optimized PCR modules for integration into OEM client’s own instrumentation applications.
  • Foodborne Pathogen Detection Kits

    Genesystem has released a novel, fast and accurate molecular-based testing products for food safety applications. SMARTCHEK range of detection kits developed and optimized for GENECHECKER UF-150 ultra-fast qPCR platform can bring high efficiency to the quality control and lab analysis process of the food industries. SMARTCHEK range of detection kits cover four major bacterial pathogens such as Salmonella, Listeria, E-coli and Campylobacter.
  • Genesystem won the
    Presidential Award (Grand Prize)
    at KINPEX 2013

    Our technology and passion for innovation was publicly recognized by winning Presidential Award at KINPEX(Korea Invention & Patent Exhibition) 2013, the Korea’s most renowned trade show and competition for innovative and prospective development in emerging industries. Genesystem promises that it will devote itself to make continued innovations for values of its clients and contribute to the world with its technology that can benefit human life.


We would like to sincerely welcome your visit to the website of Genesystem. We, Genesystem are biotech engineering company specializing in instrumentation of molecular diagnostics devices. We develop and market state-of-the-art PCR instruments as well as related reagents and microfluidic devices which are designed to enhance the health of human societies and ultimately improve the quality of human life. Application fields that we target include human and animal disease diagnostics, food and agricultural product analysis (GMO), environment analysis, cell analysis and life science research activities. Ongoing research and development efforts of Genesystem in accordance with its future-oriented milestone will lead to the launch of variety of innovative products led by GENECHECKER™ series of PCR instruments. We are also open for customized engineering services for the clients in biotechnology industry. We assure our clients that our engineering expertise and know-how would create greater values for our client’s application. We are taking big strides to realize our goal and vision for becoming a global leader for biotech engineering market and contributing to human society for better world.

Yujin Seo / CEO


2010 03 Genesystem was founded at Biotechnology Incubation Center of Dankook University.
2011 04 Became venture enterprise certified by Korean Technology Finance Corporation.
2012 02 R&D Department was recognized by Korea Industrial Technology Association.
2013 05 GENECHECKER™ was released at BIOtech Japan.
  11 GENECHECKER™ was awarded Presidential prize (grand prize) at KINPEX.
  12 Company was awarded outstanding venture prize at Chungnam Venture Entrepreneur Competition.
2014 10 GENECHECKER™ was selected as preferential purchase item for governmental purchases.
2015 03 Mr. Yujin Seo was inaugurated as CEO.
  04 Company was relocated at Daejeon Bioventure Town.
  09 Concluded technology transfer agreement with ETRI.
  09 Concluded equity participation contract with ETRI Holdings.
  10 Became INNOPOLIS research institute spin-off company certified by ministry of science, ICT and future planning.
2016 04 Won a governmental R&D project organized by ministry of science, ICT and future planning.
  06 Concluded equity participation contract with Evergreen Investment Partners No. 1 Fund.
  06 Concluded equity participation contract with ActnerLAB No.1 Individual Investment.
  08 Completed GMP certification.
  10 Completed KFDA certification as medical device (Model UF-150)
  11 Completed EN ISO 13485:2012 certification.
2017 03 Concluded equity participation contract with Stonebridge Ventures.
  05 Concluded equity participation contract with Innopolis Partners.
  09 Corporate R&D center was accredited by Korea Industrial Technology Association.
  12 Concluded technology transfer agreement with Korea Armed Force Medical Science Research Institute for the fast and precise screening and diagnosis ofninfluenza virus.


  • Polymerase Chain Reaction System (KR)
  • Polymerase Chain Reaction System (PCT)
  • Polymerase Chain Reaction System (CN)
  • Diagnostics Kit Having Multiple Mixing Chambers (KR)
  • Gene Amplification Tube with Separated Multiple Injection Chambers

Technical Competences

  • Heat-block Design
  • Biochip Design
  • Fluorescence Measurement and Analysis
  • 3-Dimensional Manifold Design
  • Microfluidics

Product Certification


Ultra-Fast Thermal Cycler

  • Patented chip based design and ultra-fast ramping provides extremely rapid output. "40 cycles in 20 minutes“
  • Innovative PCR device at an affordable price
  • Intuitive control with LED indicated jog-dial and LCD display
  • Innovative and compact design for laboratory and POCT applications
  • Increased sample capacity (16 samples) provides better efficiency.

Model UF-150
Ultra-Fast Real-time CR System

  • Patented chip based design and ultra-fast ramping provides extremely rapid output. "40 cycles in 20 minutes“
  • Real-time analysis through dedicated software, GeneRecorder
  • Small footprint(20cm x 20cm x 12.5cm) for laboratory and POCT use
  • DC power driven-battery operation possible using optional power kit
  • Intuitive control with LED indicated jog-dial and LCD display
  • One-step reverse transcriptase PCR available for RNA applications

PCR Chip for

  • Well volume is 10μl only, which helps faster heating and cooling.
  • Bottom surface of chip is made of thin film for efficient heat transfer.
  • Contamination free and transformation free.
  • Two types of PCR chip for real-time analysis and thermal cycling

Master Mixes for
Ultra-Fast PCR System

  • Optimized for ultra-fast reaction with GENECHECKER™
  • High sensitivity, efficiency, reproducibility and minimized PCR inhibition
  • Uses novel antibody-mediated hot-start DNA polymerases
  • Options suitable for general thermal cycling, real-time analysis and one-step reverse transcriptase PCR.

Foodborne Pathogen Detection Kits

  • Using GENECHECKER UF-150 ultra-fast PCR platform, target amplification and analysis can be finished in 30 minutes
  • Highly sensitive and specific assays for the detection of major foodborne pathogens in food safety testing applications
  • Universal testing protocol for the different pathogens for easy runs
  • Ideal for on-site detection using UF-150 based mobile lab system



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