SMARTCHEK® Foodborne Pathogen Detection kit

Novel, fast and accurate molecular-based testing


Using GENECHECKER® UF-150 ultra-fast PCR platform, target amplification
and analysis can be finished in 30 minutes.

Highly sensitive and specific assays for the detection of major foodborne
pathogens in food safety testing applications

Universal testing protocol for the different pathogens for easy runs

Ideal for on-site detection using GENECHECKER® UF-150 based mobile lab system

01 Why food safety is being an issue?

  • There are many opportunities for food contamination to take
    place as today’s food supply is complex and involves a range
    of different stages including on-farm production, slaughtering
    or harvesting, processing, storage, transport and distribution
    before the food reaches the consumers. Accordingly, everyone
    along the production chain, from producer to consumer, has
    a role to play to ensure the food we eat does not cause diseases.

02 Better efficiency ensured for food safety testing

  • Real-time polymer chain reaction(PCR) method is one of the most
    well known and versatile molecular testing technologies which
    provides good sensitivity and high accuracy. However, this
    technology is not being widely used in food safety testing
    applications because microbial culture based testing and ELISA
    testing has been dominant methods in food and agricultural
    industries. Genesystem is proud to introduce its ultra-fast real-time
    PCR based food safety testing kits which provide high efficiency
    along with the key advantages of real-time PCR methods. Typical
    test running time of these probe based assays on GENECHECKER®
    UF-150 platform is 30 minutes and on-site detection is also possible
    when these assays are applied to mobile lab system provided by



Cat. No.
Pack Size
SMARTCHEK® Salmonella spp. Detection Kit
48 tests
SMARTCHEK® Listeria monocytogenes Detection Kit
48 tests
SMARTCHEK® E-coli O157 Detection Kit
48 tests
SMARTCHEK® Campylobacter jejuni Detection Kit
48 tests

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