Multiplex Biochip

Biochip Technology Enabling Multiplex or High Multiplex Detection


Adding to the standard PCR chip products, Genesystem is proud to commercialize multiplex testing chip format which is utilizing its unique biochip designing and manufacturing capability. This multiplex testing chip is intended for detecting multiple targets up to 10 from single sample. In this format, target specific primer pairs are labeled on the internal surface of the chip and activated when the sample is loaded and heated during PCR process. This new multiplexing format provides highly precise and sensitive detection capability of assays as it fundamentally prevents the possibility of primer competition which is a common disadvantage of conventional multiplex PCR method.


Genesystem owns innovative technology enabling high multiplex detections which is essential component to design syndromic disease diagnostics panel. The key of this technology is solidifying primer pairs which is fixed on the internal surface of the biochip designed by Genesystem.

Genesystem customizes the design of the high multiplex detection biochip for the target numbers up to 100 depending on its client’s panel design. Please consult Genesystem to apply your assays to this unique multiplex biochip platform.